Pre-Designed Templates

The following are pre-designed Blogger templates that you may choose and have your blog name, tagline (if desired), and menu buttons inserted.  Also includes a blog button with grab box and blog background.  No other customizations will be made.  TOTAL COST: $50, includes installation.  A $10 deposit is required before work commences.

To order: send me an email at with the number and name of the pre-designed template you would wish to have customized.  Include your blog name, tagline and menu button choices.  Turn around time depends on custom blog design schedule, but should be able to be completed within 1 to 2 days.

1. Had Me In Stitces
2. Hoooo's There?
3. Little Chickies
{You can specify how many little chicks are included}

4. Baker's Special:

5. Bright and Fresh:
6. Burlap Love:
7. Solid Patterns:
8. Sketchy:
9. Blogging Blue's
More coming soon!